Released in 2019, the crash game is rising as one of the industry's most popular, provably fair games. Created by little-known-about software provider Scribe, Aviator is undoubtedly a fan-favorite pick

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About Aviator

Online slot players love to experiment with different slot titles. Well, there is something in store for slot lovers with the release of the Aviator game. Unlike online slots, the Aviator game deviates from your standard slot machines.

Released in 2019, the crash game is rising as one of the industry’s most popular, provably fair games. Created by little-known-about software provider Scribe, Aviator is undoubtedly a fan-favorite pick.

Aviator Game Review – What is It and How to Play

The online game features a simple design and high-quality graphics. Apart from the design, the most thrilling part is the gameplay mixed with live chat and live statistics while charting through the air.

What is the Aviator Game All About

For a standard online slot game, most features symbols, pay lines, reels, and rows. However, Aviator is a different crash game. The main theme behind the game is a plane on flight. The gameplay involves placing one or two bets when the plane is about to take off.

As the plan gains momentum mid-air while covering more altitude, both your bets start to multiply exponentially. The plane will disappear from the screen after 8 to 30 seconds of flying. Therefore, players must cash out before it disappears.

The game adopts a random number generator (RNG) that dictates when the play will disappear from the screen. Moreover, each game round lasts at most 30 seconds. Afterward, new bets are placed on the line, and the plane takes off again.

Some basic rule players must know is that the Aviator game is a multiplayer gambling game where the winning coefficient continues to grow rapidly. Moreover, players must cash out before the plane flies away.

Theoretically, the game has an advantage with an average return to play (RTP) of 97.00%. Moreover, any payout includes fractional payments rounded to the nearest two decimal points.

Due to its popularity, the online game has seen various adaptations and names derived. For example, MelBet calls it Crash; others call it JetX, Lucky Jet 2, Zeppelin, Thunder Crash, or Space XY.

How to Play Aviator Game

You can play the aviator game through the flying plane as it rises to an increasing coefficient. The plane continues flying away until it disappears. The main essence of the game is cashing out before this happens.

The most difficult part is that you can easily miss rewards by cashing out too early. Also, cashing out late when the plane has disappeared leads to losses.

The more the plane flies, the more the payout increases. Hence, depending on when you cashed out, your will is multiplied by the plane’s coefficient. You will always win as long as you cash out on time.

In addition, it is possible to adjust your bet size. A wide range of bet sizes from € 1 and €10. The site features an add or minus button that can reach the upper or lower limits of €0.01 and €100, respectively. Also, players can make two bets simultaneously, ranging up to €200.

There is a demo mode for new players to get acquainted with the playing style before placing real-money bets on the line. Hence, players can feel the lay of the land while trying out different strategies before committing to play with real money.

Is Aviator Game Real or Fake

Aviator Game is 100% real. Despite being a small-scale developer, Scribe is a licensed and regulated software developer mandated to release high-quality and provably fair games.

Moreover, the game’s RNG is tested by experts in the field to ensure it is purely random with results and players receive their payouts.

However, as with any online casino game, it features a risk element when gambling. Moreover, the house has an advantage each time, with its RTP at 97%. Therefore, players must practice their playing strategies with the demo mode before placing real-money bets.

What is the best Strategy to Play and Win Aviator?

First, it is important to note that there is no strategy with 100% efficiency in winning. This is solely because the Aviator game features an RNG Aviator Algorithm. Hence, it makes the game unpredictable. However, there are certain strategies known to reap benefits for players. Here is a look at some popular strategies:

Staircase strategy

The staircase wagering strategy involves odds between 1.10 and 1.30. The main premise behind the strategy is that fewer odds equal less risk. The player places the first wager; if successful, they increase the initial wager by winnings before placing another wager.

Moreover, the player determines the staircase’s number of bets or continual steps. Hence, the player parts with the net profit in their pocket after reaching the highest level. Afterward, they restart the process from the first wager.

Bet Amount Multiplier Win Amount
$5 X1.20 $7
$12 X1.20 $14.4
$21.4 X1.20 For a loss, continue to round 4; for a win, start from round 1


Martingale Aviator Betting Strategy

The martingale strategy involves doubling the wager size each time a winning round is complete. After making a win, the player decreases their bet size to the lowest betting limit until getting another win.

Round Bet Strategy
1 1 If you win $1, replay round. If you lose, double the wager
2 2 If you win, replay the round. If you lose, double wager in round 3
3 4 If you win, start round 1. If you lose, move to round 4 and double wager
4             If you win, start round 1. If you lose, move to round 5 and double wager

D’alembert System

The D’alembert system features a rather diverse approach to bet sizes. The strategy postulates that players should increase the bet by one unit after making a loss and decrease the bet size by one unit after a win.

Bet 1000 2000
Odd 2.0 2.0
Game Outcome Loss Loss
Bankroll 9000 7000

Can You Predict an Aviator Game?

The Aviator game is based on luck and strategy, making predicting the Aviator game more difficult. There is a Random Number Generator (RNG) that makes possible results truly random. Like playing other casino games like roulette or blackjack, there is no guaranteed strategy to hack a winning methodology. However, some of these strategies above can maximize your earnings.

What is the best platform for Aviator Games?

The Aviator game is similar across different sites. However, some of the best platforms for additional features and bonuses for players to explore. Here is a look at some of the top platforms for the Aviator game:


MozzarBet is one of the front-running sites that adopted the Aviator game in Kenya. Even though the Aviator game is similar to other options, the MozzartBet version features bonus options for users to explore.

The Aviator bonus at MozzartBet offers players free daily bets to try out the thrilling Aviator game experience. The site randomly awards its players these free bets up to 20 times daily. Hence, players can claim these free bets from the chat section of the game box.


Ignition is a thrilling casino site where players can enjoy the full Aviator game experience. After joining, players get a 100% match-up bonus of up to $1000 on fiat deposits and an additional 150% match-up of up to $1500 on all crypto deposits. Moreover, after regularly playing the Aviator game at the casino, players can win special prizes after attaining the chrome-second tier level.


ChezaCash is another exciting platform that allows players to explore the aviator game experience. New players at the casino site stand a chance to win $ 200. Moreover, the bet sizes start from a minimum of $2. Also, players can bet on their desired amount with the auto-bet feature. For each round, players can make two separate bets simultaneously.


888Bet offers players a chance to try the thrilling aviator experience while standing a chance to win up to $600 weekly. This comes with a rain of free bets at any time of the day.
To get a shot at the 888Bet Aviator bonus, users must be active on the site when the ‘rain’ free bets happen. Also, the user must place a real money wager on the line to claim this bonus.

Aviator is a cutting-edge multiplayer game with a strong inspiration drawn from aviation. The unique plane crash game is highly rewarding to players and easy to learn. The game features no reels, pay lines, or rows because the only requirement is that you need to cash out before the plane takes off from the main screen.

Aviator's Features

Released in 2019, the crash game is rising as one of the industry's most popular, provably fair games. Created by little-known-about software provider Scribe, Aviator is undoubtedly a fan-favorite pick

  • A simple fan-favorite pick that is easy to play
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Freedom to auto bet and auto cash out
  • A wide name variation but still the same game due to popularity



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