What Penny Slots Pay the Best?

Explore a world of entertainment with penny slots online. They come packed with exciting gameplay, innovative bonus features, and attractive payouts, offering a fantastic gaming experience while preserving your bankroll. From just $1 per spin, they open up opportunities to win sizable rewards.

Our guide has curated a selection of the best penny slot machines you can enjoy across reputable slot sites. Besides, we reveal how to optimize your play and potentially increase your winning chances. We’ve also reviewed their place in the top RTP slots category to provide a holistic view of their potential returns.

Importantly, we’ve identified the leading online casinos where you can enjoy these games safely. So, please navigate our guide, find your favorite penny slot, and immerse yourself in a thrilling gaming experience.

What are Penny Slots?

In the enthralling world of casino games, the term ‘penny slots’ is bound to catch your attention. So, what precisely are penny slots? In essence, these are slot games that you can dive into for a modest wager of merely 1p per spin. This low-cost fun is only possible on slots that permit the lowest stake of 1p and allow you to scale down the number of active paylines to just one.

However, it’s crucial to note that some penny slots can be slightly deceptive. For instance, you may come across a game that permits a minimum bet of 1p, but the catch lies in the fact that the number of lines might be fixed.

Why does that matter? Well, suppose you engage in a game featuring 10 fixed pay lines, and the lowest wager is 1p per line. In such a scenario, the total stake escalates to 10p for each spin.

Therefore, while the allure of penny slots lies in their seemingly inexpensive play, it’s always prudent for casino enthusiasts like yourself to delve into the specifics of the betting structure before immersing yourself in the gameplay.

Not only will this enhance your understanding of the game, but it will also ensure that you strategize your bets effectively.

 How to Play Penny Slots

Understanding the mechanics of online penny slots can significantly enhance your gaming experience. These games typically comprise a primary game and a bonus round.

In the primary game, you’ll engage with most of your spins, receiving regular winnings via the standard pay line mechanism or advanced features like free spins.

The bonus round often presents a free spins feature, where all spins are complimentary for a specified duration. The game continues to spin automatically, accumulating any winnings on the way.

Once the bonus round concludes, the total winnings are calculated and added to your balance. Other types of bonus rounds are also available, potentially leading to substantial payouts if luck is on your side.

Here is a basic guideline on starting to play penny slots:

1. Understand Symbols

The first step in mastering penny slots is getting to grips with the symbols involved in the game. These symbols are the determining factors for calculating wins, all automatically processed by the game.

However, not all symbols are created equal. Some symbols offer minimal payouts; recognizing these early on can help manage expectations and prevent disappointment.

Conversely, securing the game’s high-value symbols can significantly boost your winnings and take your gaming experience to new heights of excitement and engagement.

2. Choose Proper Stake

It’s tempting to restrict your betting to just 1p, but it’s important to keep in mind the number of pay lines available in the game. For instance, if the game offers 10 pay lines, it could be beneficial to utilize all of them. Keeping your wagers to only one win line across a 5-reel slot can significantly reduce your chances of landing a win.

Budgeting is a crucial part of your strategy when playing penny slots, but it’s important not to overlook key features of the game in the process. These features can enrich your gaming experience and potentially enhance your chances of winning. Always balance maintaining your budget and exploring all aspects of the game.

3. Spin reels and enjoy

Now that you’ve laid a solid foundation to understand how penny slots operate and meticulously strategize your bankroll allocation, you’re ready to embrace the exhilarating moment—pressing the spin button.

It’s essential to play responsibly, ensuring that your enjoyment of these games is balanced with other life obligations. Dive into the world of penny slots, but remember, moderation is key. Every spin should be a part of your leisure time, not a distraction from other commitments.

Important Factors to Check with Penny Slots

After learning how to play penny slots, getting accustomed to different essential elements that make up the penny slots game is important. Here are important considerations for players before diving into the game:


When analyzing the best penny slots, a plethora of metrics are available for review, and one of the vital ones is the slot’s volatility. Novice players tend to gravitate towards slots with low volatility, as these often yield frequent, albeit smaller, wins that help maintain a steady bankroll.

As you ascend the volatility scale, the payouts become less frequent, necessitating a longer playtime for a win. However, these infrequent victories, when they occur, can be substantially larger.

Therefore, understanding a slot’s volatility can significantly influence the player’s choice based on their risk tolerance and gameplay preference. It’s a balancing act between the frequency of wins and the potential payout size, an essential aspect to consider when choosing the right penny slot.

Low stakes

A common strategy experienced gamers employ is engaging in extended gaming sessions but with minimal stakes. This approach is grounded in the concept that prolonging their participation in the game increases their probability of activating a profitable bonus feature before their game balance is exhausted.

The advantage of this risk-mitigating tactic is that it allows players to fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience while simultaneously maintaining a sustainable balance.


The RTP, or Return To Player, is a critical metric to consider when playing slot games. This theoretical percentage symbolizes the projected payout to players relative to the total amount wagered on a specific game.

The calculation of the RTP is deeply rooted in the mathematical model of the game, and its real-world accuracy emerges after countless spins. Therefore, it’s crucial not to anticipate an instant impact on your gameplay based on the RTP.

Even so, knowledge of the RTP is invaluable as it provides insight into the edge a slot site has over its players. To illustrate, a game with an 80% RTP implies that the house enjoys a 20% advantage in the long haul.

Consequently, your strategy should involve seeking games with an RTP as near to 100% as feasible. Typically, penny slots have an RTP averaging around 96%.

Available Features

Reel modifiers can transform a typical spin into an extraordinary gaming experience radically. Symbols have the potential to populate the reels, multipliers might be integrated, and winning combinations can even disappear, supplanted by new symbols. All these exciting alterations are within your reach when you engage in 1p slots.

Welcome features such as bonus spin rounds or choose-a-win games are always a treat, and your aim should be to trigger these as swiftly as possible. Peruse our slot reviews to understand what to anticipate when these unique features and modifiers are activated. This will help you know when to intensify your focus and keep your hopes high!

Bankroll Management

The success of a slot game session hinges heavily on proficient bankroll management. Recklessly depleting your funds within the first few minutes will deprive you of the opportunity to fully immerse in the gaming experience and perhaps unlock some special features in your selected penny slot.

It’s paramount to predetermine a spending limit and adhere to it rigidly. This practice paves the way for extended gameplay, increasing the likelihood of yielding more significant rewards. It promotes a more conscious and measured approach to gambling, enhancing the duration and quality of your gaming experience.

How to Win Penny Slots

It’s critical to remember that no strategy can guarantee a win on penny slots or, indeed, any slot machines. The results are purely left to chance, creating a level playing field where every player has an equal opportunity to strike it lucky.

However, to maximize the odds in your favor during a slot game session, several strategies and factors must be considered.

Choose High Payouts

When you’re deciding where to place your bets, make sure you’re selecting slot machines known to have high payout ratios. Although the outcome of each spin is random, certain machines are programmed to dispense winnings more frequently than others.

Take the time to research and find machines that are reputed for their higher payouts. While this doesn’t guarantee a win, you increase your chances of generating a return on your bets.

Take Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Casinos frequently offer a range of bonuses and promotions to entice and retain players. These offers can take on many forms, such as welcome bonuses for new players, loyalty rewards for regular players, or seasonal promotions.

By capitalizing on these offers, you can effectively amplify your gambling budget. This enables you to engage in extended play sessions and heightens your chance of hitting the jackpot.

Practice Prudent Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a vital aspect of any gambling strategy. Determining a specific budget for each gaming session and sticking to it can prevent you from overspending and potentially accruing significant losses.

This strategy ensures you only wager what you’re comfortable losing, fostering a healthy and responsible gambling habit. Furthermore, it protects your finances and enhances the enjoyment of your gaming experience by reducing stress and anxiety associated with financial loss.

Pros of Playing Penny Slots

Is playing penny slots worthwhile? Here are common advantages players can accrue from playing penny slots:

·       Low stakes – penny slots allow one to experience some of the industry’s best games with minimal financial commitment. This makes these games accessible to all, allowing you to explore them without emptying your pockets.

·       Ideal for novices – penny slots online are an excellent initiating point for beginners, given their complex features and advanced mechanics. Gambling money on a game of chance can be intimidating for first-timers. However, the low-risk nature of penny slots alleviates the stress of substantial financial losses, ensuring a fun-filled gambling experience.

·       Universal accessibility – Each slot site featured on Slot Gods has been thoroughly evaluated by our expert team, guaranteeing reliability, trustworthiness, and a diverse array of thrilling games.

The best part is that these top-rated online slots can be accessed anywhere, on any device. This means you can enjoy penny slots in the comfort of your home or even during your commute to work.

With the wide selection of slot sites that offer penny slots, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the fantastic welcome offers available.

·       Progressive jackpots – large progressive rewards accumulate over time as players continue to spin, with renowned slot franchises like Age of the Gods and Mega Moolah offering a chance at snagging their jackpots, even at the minimum stake. Please remember not all jackpot slots trigger the jackpot at minimum bets.


·       Expect modest gains – Keeping your expectations in check when engaging with penny slots is prudent. The winnings are typically a multiple of your total bet.

·       So, if you’re wagering a small amount, your returns will be proportionately small. For instance, earning 10p might not seem a lot, but if it’s a tenfold return on your bet, it’s quite a decent yield.

·       Restricted paylines – Some penny slot games have a stipulated minimum number of paylines in play. If a game requires 25 lines, your cost per spin would be 25p.

·       Suppose this doesn’t align with your preference. In that case, looking for other games that offer more flexibility might be worthwhile, such as starting at 10p but giving you over 117,649 winning possibilities, like 4 Diamond Blues Megaways.

Best Penny Slots to Play

Here is a breakdown of the best penny slots to start your playing journey:

Book of Dead

Book of Dead stands as a preferred choice for slot players. Drawing its thematic inspiration loosely from the popular Indiana Jones movies, this slot game is the creative work of renowned game developers Play’n Go. It’s designed as a penny slot with 10 paylines, which can be adjusted according to the player’s preference.

The game offers a minimum coin size of just 1p, with the option to reduce the number of active paylines down to one, effectively setting the total minimum stake at just 1p. This makes it an accessible option for players of all budgets. The game also presents the opportunity to engage with free spins, boosting the potential for big wins. The maximum win is an impressive 5,000 times your stake.

With a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.21%, the game offers a fair chance of returns. However, it’s important to note that it carries a high volatility rating, indicating that while wins may be less frequent, they’re likely to be larger when they do occur. This combination of features makes Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead a thrilling choice for adventurous and budget-conscious slot players.

Golden Colts

Another top contender in our roundup of the best penny slots is Golden Colts, a Play’n Go’s creation. Unlike the usual six-bullet revolvers, these firearms come with seven chambers packed with exciting bonuses.

The backdrop is a chilling, wild west town shrouded in fog with lightning strikes adding to its eerie atmosphere. The game features 5 reels, 4 rows, and 40 pay lines for you to try your luck. The Bull represents the wild symbol in Golden Colts, while the bonus scatter symbol is the Golden Colt box.

Winnings are paid for landing at least 3 matching symbols on a pay line. Wild cards and other special symbols can yield between 20x and 250x the pay line amount. One of the unique aspects of Golden Colts is its provision to win up to 7 different bonuses.

Divine Fortune

The Divine Fortune slot machine is undoubtedly one of the market’s leading penny slots. This game teleports you right into the enchanting realm of ancient Greece, enhancing your gambling experience with its mystic charm. It’s suitable for gamblers of all budget sizes, offering 20 paylines and a bounty of engaging features.

The game boasts a commendable Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.59 percent. The flexibility in wagering is impressive; you can select a betting level from 1 to 10 and a coin value from 0.01 to 0.50. You can place a comprehensive bet anywhere between 0.20 and 100.

This game is not just about placing bets; it’s about the thrill of the game. The features include Wild substitutions, Falling Wilds Re-Spins, and the sought-after Jackpot Bonus game, including the mega jackpot. These features have the potential to multiply your stake by hundreds.

Final Takeaway

In contrast to high-limit machines, Penny slots are budget-friendly, simple to comprehend, and offer short, enjoyable gaming experiences. Even though the cost to play these slots has increased beyond a penny, they remain the most economical choice in the casino world. We’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of these widely played casino games, leaving the decision to play up to you.

Before you begin investing money in penny slots, you must have a strategy for managing your bankroll, understand the games’ volatility and Return to Player (RTP), and make the most of the bonuses that most casinos provide. We wish you nothing but success in your gaming adventures!


Here is a look at some popular questions about penny slots:

How do you win at Penny slots?

It’s advisable to wager on the maximum number of paylines to boost your odds of success. However, it’s worth noting that the optimal approach differs from one slot game to another, and ultimately, as all slot games are based on Random Number Generators (RNG), it all comes down to luck.

Where can I play free penny slots?

Most online platforms offer penny slots at no cost in their game selection. You can easily pick one from the top slot websites in the UK and try it. Please note that experiences can differ due to the regulations and safe gambling rules set by the UKGC. However, most casinos permit players to experience penny slots without registering.

What’s the trick to winning penny slots?

Penny slots offer the advantage of minimal betting starting at just $0.01, making them an ideal choice for beginners. However, you’ll likely need to up your wagers to reap some rewards. While there’s no foolproof trick to guarantee a win on penny slots, utilizing slot strategy tips can be beneficial.